Unsigned Top 10

This a top 10 chart of the songs that we’ve heard this week, all bands featured are unsigned or part of an Independent label,  they’re simply based on our opinions, not on plays or how popular it is.

If you’d like to be considered email wordsformusic@live.co.uk

1. YRRS – Pretty Neat

No strangers to the WFM top 10, but with this new beauty it puts the peacefully at number 1.

2. Burning Condors – Polka Dot Girl

Having listened to their entire catalogue on soundcloud, this one sticks in the memory the most, Burning Condors!

3. Milos Planes – Like Vultures

Was song of the day in the week, so wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t find itself into the top 10.

4. High Lonesome Ark – Why so easy for you

Another song that made song of the day, not the loudest of sounds, but drifty.

5. MIMES – Foreclosure

Just as drifty as high lonesome ark, I wish I could put them in the same place, but numbers won’t let me.

6. Shoot The Rabbit – Bonus 1

Following the mood that we’re setting this week, Shoot the rabbit and their bonus song.




7.  Silent Party – Quicksand

Their previous single Taxidermist made it in here, now their mellow track ‘Quicksand’ does to.

8. NARCS – Sandchild

The top 10 wouldn’t be a top 10 if there was no garage/punk involved.

9. Lego Soul – The Word

Garage rock, lofi and ruddy brilliant Lego Soul earns a place in the top 10 this week.

10. FRAUDS – Picnic Perfect

A track that has slowly grown on me this week, so deservedly earns a place in the top 10.


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