Blogs We Dig

There’s a ton of music blogs out there, each of them reviewing, covering and promoting different kinds of music. Some blogs cover similar stuff to what we do here at WFM, however they do it in their cool way!

Also when looking for coverage of your music it can be difficult to find blogs to review if for you, so hopefully this can be a bit of a helping hand for the people who are looking for some bad ass coverage! Some of these blogs have just started out, but I know they have good people behind the scenes.

Mix it All Up – Based in the South of England, these do an amazing job of covering new music! Also they have some great live photos.

Let It Happen – Based in Wales and starting out in 2015, Let It Happen constantly great content and feature some amazing acts!

Underscore Part 3 – We’re a big believer in good content and good people, and Underscore Part 3 has this. Started by James Wadsworth, they put the care and attention to each article they create – and that’s why they’re on this list.

Scientists of Sound – Love this blog, the minimalist design, how carefully each review is put together and the fact it’s run by one person. He keeps his reviews to a minimum, because as Matt rightly states – it’s all about the music.

HAPPY PEOPLE – HAPPY PEOPLE is a number of things and they’re all awesome. From being a promotions company to a music blog, they’re good at everything. Check em out!

Counteract – In my eyes Birmingam’s best Music Website, covering everything Birmingham but mainly music! Excellent for the music scene around Birmingham, covering every show they can – all of them.

Indie Midlands – Another excellent blog about the Music Scene around Birmingham, also a great place to get a gig as Morph always has something going on and is worth getting to know!

Too Many Blogs – With so many different features like A Year in the Life, Label of the Month and a lot of new music – this blog is right up there for content!

We Close Tonight – Run by the very talented CiarĂ¡n Steward, this blog is very well run and has some great contributors including Jake Marley!

GrrrlsWithGuitars Focusing on all things Riot Grrrl and Female Guitarists, they do a fantastic job of championing this style of music. Also they do great job of raising awareness of sexism within the Music Industry!

BREXHIP – This is a stunning blog based in Italy who are trying to keep UK music close at heart in these strained times. A beautiful website, well presented and cover some excellent bands.

Denim + Leather – Not strictly a music blog as they’re a ‘zine but amazing none the less! Featuring artists who unfortunately don’t get a lot of coverage and promoting the best of indie music, they do an outstanding job!

KMM Reviews  – Great for Album Reviews, as they cover several genres! Also they have a cool logo!

The Rodeo – Starting in January 2018 the blog is still fairly fresh, but they have some great ideas like the Haiku Review!

Mockit Music – Another Scottish based music blog which is just starting up and is showing really promising signs! Love the bands they’re covering along with the videos they upload to Youtube!