Single of the Week | Hunger Moon – ‘Oh Friend’

Hunger Moon ‘Oh Friend’ is the Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday, Single of the Week day! After The Calamity provided us with ‘I Fell Asleep’ last week, this week we have Hunger Moon and their new track ‘Oh Friend’!

The Indie-Pop duo from the West Midlands give us some atmospheric sounds on the song, something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Daughter record. However the similarities with Daughter end there, as the vocals draw a definitive line making Hunger Moon a different beast. The powerful and angelic voice is heavenly, blending perfectly well with the reverb doused instrumentals, which are well tied together. The song also pulls some similarities to the The XX due to the chilled vibe the track gives out, however Hunger Moon have more of a dramatic edge with this track.

Once again another Midlands band prove that there’s so much talent down here. If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands please get in touch by emailing or tweeting!





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