8 Facts about The Smiths – ‘The Queen Is Dead’

The Smiths the Queen is Dead WFM1- Johnny Marr’s Parents were upset with the name The Queen Is Dead which led Marr to ask Morrissey if it could be changed to Bigmouth Strikes Again – Mozza turned the idea down.

2. Marr and Morrissey were in talks with Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti to produce the album. However he turned the chance down.

3. The bassist of The Smiths Andy Rourke was hooked on heroin during the recording of the album, which is a terrible thing to imagine.

4. Johnny Marr got a lot of his influence for the title track on the album from The Velvet Undergrounds ‘I Can’t Stand It’.

5. Another decline for the Album was from Linda McCartney, as she was sked to play the Piano on ‘Frankly Mr Shankly’  and as you guessed, she declined.

6. Mozza designed the front cover of the Album, where he based the design from French Movie L’ Insoumisv.

7. The record was voted at the NME’s number 1 album of all-time back in 2013, however Marr and Mozza both prefer Strangeways Here We Come.

8. Finally the album spent 22 weeks in the UK Album charts, however it only ever peaked at No.2! Would be interesting to see how the album would perform if it was released now.


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