8 Facts about Arcade Fire – ‘The Suburbs’

Arcade Fire The Subarbs WFM1- The Suburbs was recorded in a Church that the band had purchased back in 2005, unfortunately due to problems they had with the roof it was sold in 2013

2. The album was inspired by a letter that frontman Win Butler received from a childhood friend in Houston Texas.

3. The allbum was released with eight diffrent cover designs, can you find them all?

4. The album debuted at No.1 in the UK, US and Irish Music charts – so you knew from then it was going to be a classic that will be discussed years after.

5. Win Butler descirebes the album as a mix between Depeche Mode and Neil Young, stating that he wanted it to sound like the stuff he used to listen to as a kid.

6. The Album went Platinum in the UK and Double Platinum in Canada.

7.The record took under two years to create and record, which is pretty impressive as they only released Neon Bible back in 2007- they were a very busy band.

8. Finally the alvum sold over 1,000,000 copies Worldwide, which isn’t a surpirse.

Do you have any other facts to share on this record, if so please do and comment below the post!

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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