Single of the Week: AVA – ‘After the Storm’


This week’s Single of the week is AVA and her new single ‘After the Storm’! This is slightly more electronic than we usually go here at WFM, however the song does itself justice and proved that it deserved to be put on the mantlepiece this week.

The atmospheric background of the track provides a great bed for AVA to sing over, and with her looming vocals they really blend well together. With the catchy chorus rotating over and over at the end, it has a certain sinister theme to it, as the words “When all is lost/After the Storm/We promise that we’ll never do wrong”. The track also has some eerie moments attached to it, with the vocals having a twisted note on the end, combining that with the disjointed instrumentals sometimes – it’s a welcome addition.

Hope you enjoyed the track this week, look out for next weeks single!

If you have a single and think it should be featured, send it over to

Words by @AJWise


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