8 Facts about The Libertines – ‘Up The Bracket’ Record!

The Libs Up the Brakcet
The Libs Up the Brakcet

1) This Libertines Debut Record only reached no.35 in UK album chart on release, yet so many years later it’s revered as one of the most influential records there’s been.

2) The Photograph used as the album cover is of Argentinian Riot Police lining up against the protesters.

3) ‘Up The Bracket’ was a term used by Hancock meaning in trouble, both Carl and Pete have expressed their admiration for Tony Hancock in many interviews. They also went on to write the song “You’re my Waterloo” where they sing the famous Tony Hancock line “Stone the Crows

4) Mick Jones guitarist from The Clash produced the album

5) It was mainly recorded Live, giving a raw feel across the entire album.

6) The album was recorded in RAK Studios which have been used by the likes of Bowie, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson

7) NME Namesd the 2nd best album of the 2000’s behind The Strokes ‘Is This It’

8) Razorlight’s lead singer Johnny Borrell was around for the beginning of the writing for this album, however due to problems in the band he had to leave.


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