NEW MUSIC NOW! Warhaus – ‘Machinery’


Today on New Music Now, we can take a trip into a dark empty bar in the subarbs, where we find Warhaus frontman Maarten Devoldere on stage alone, gyrating while uncomfortably moving around.

Machinery‘ is a dark and twisted song about love, and how you can become completely consumed within it all and often use it to excess. This imagery is portrayed extremely well in the video although sometimes in can come across as unnerving, but this is clearly what the Devoldere was aiming for.

The music is as equally as eerie with the dull tones being the perfect backdrop for everything to fall into place, as the vocals slowly linger over the tame drum beat and subtly keys.  From the very start of the song where the lyrics “I don’t claim to be anything/ except yours to consume tonight”, it has that desperate feel to it which is held onto throughout.

The song won’t be played to get a party started, but it’s certainly a something to sit back and admire as a complete piece of art, from the video to the music.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise


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