NEW MUSIC NOW! DM Stith – ‘Sawtooth’



Making his New Music Now debut I introduce accomplished electro-pop instrumentalist genius DM Stith, hailing from Brooklyn,NY the music experimentalist has already made quite the name for himself and now with ‘Sawtooth‘ he may have hit a new high.

DM Stith expresses no fear in this track as showcases his outlandish flamboyant style of music, which he has crafted and molded to make his very own unique sound. The production of the song is impeccable as everything falls into it’s own place like it’s always belonged their, which is a huge statement for the structure as it follows no rules and flows to it’s own rhythm but manages to stay catchy. I’m convinced that a lot of musicians would struggle to create something anywhere near this good with all of the sounds DM Stith utilized, as he has a firm understanding of how to maximize and moderate the usage of everything to a tee.

This song can only bring good things as DM Stith’s stock surely has risen with this release, as I wait for his next

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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