Edd Donovan and the Wandering Moles – 'Moving Mountains Vol.1' Album Review

Photographer Jess Jones
Photographer Jess Jones

Edd Donovan is a singer/songwriter hailing from Cheltenham after being born on Merseyside. After his successful first album entitled Something to take the Edge off, Edd is nearing the release date of his second full length album Moving Mountains Vol.I. So has Edd caught the second album syndrome? Or has he managed to pull it off?
The album starts with a high pitched opener entitled “Dogs Don’t Bite”, which is an interesting one as it does not break the door down with commanding vocals or guitar work. However Edd decides to open the door slowly and let you in, as he invites you to listen to the song. The song itself is a story as he sings it swiftly and softly, taking his time. The violin is a welcomed addition to the track, as it gives the song a hint of class and charm.

Storytelling is a key theme to this album, as it with most folk-type music , each song seems to have a message or a morale attached to it. This is quite an impressive feat as a lot of artists struggle to give a song a clear or memorable meaning, yet Edd manages to convey this with ease through his songs. The songs “Talking Jesus”, “The Day I Lost My Wife” and “Pink Belly” all carry strong meanings, and can easily pluck the strings of the heart if you allow it to.
“Bowerbird” is the lead single off this album, and it shows as it’s the catchiest of the bunch from start to finish, even with its mellow feel it has a glimmer to it. Another one that sticks out of the album is entitled “Ballad of the Dying Day”, as it has an upbeat rhythm to it and a hint of aggression to it, and it would’ve been great if Edd had more of these upbeat songs in there to lift it slightly. However this doesn’t really affect the album too much, as it naturally just comes down to personal preference.
The album has been produced really well, as it seems that everything has been built around Edd’s warm yet tortured vocals. The album hasn’t been over produced as every instrument has its own place on the album, and never do they really step on each other’s toes.
“TV Squares” wraps the album up nicely as Edd once again tells us a story, and follows suit of the previous songs with some mastery guitar work along with the bed violins to help tell the tale.
The album will not be reinventing the wheel, but it’s an impressive piece of work as each song holds its own. Looking forward to the release of Vol.II if there will be, just to see if Edd decides to change anything up, as it will be interesting to hear.
Words by Alex Wise @al4563

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