New Music Now! Edits – ‘Fall back to Earth’


Today we feature a band that steps away from what we normally promote, the reason for this is because it’s just a track that needs to be heard. Edits are a two-piece act from Manchester who happen to make some of the most atmospheric music, simply with synths, a guitar and pure angelic voice, I give to you their new single.

“Fall Back To Earth” has some of the softest yet powerful vocals that I’ve ever encountered, Liv Westhead manages to transfer a raw emotion and feeling across this entire track. The song is not overproduced which is perfect because, you get this memorable atmospheric sound which is really unique. The guitar work in here by Chris Abbott is also something to acknowledge as it’s not too complex, it’s just a simple effective riff that adds well to the dark undertone of their new single release.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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