10 Questions for…Weinf!

First things first how did you come to be?

Well, I started out as the guitar player on a band called “Roulotte Roosters”. When we called it a day, I kept writing as a solo artist under the name of Weinf.

What genre of music would you say you play?

Well, I’d say is a mix between blues, indie and a little bit of experimental rock. I’m really bad at defining this kind of things either way.

Which bands/artists do you take influences from?

I’d say the likes of Pink Floyd, The Doors, John Frusciante, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Morphine, Julian Casablancas, Bob Dylan, The Fratellis, Oasis, The Black Keys.

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

When I was with the Roulotte Roosters, we played a series of gigs in which we were so drunk we couldn’t even stand. We sounded like shit but it was fun as hell.

Best gig you’ve ever attended?

Last summer in Bilbao. Palma Violets played BBK on some tiny stage but it was the best gig of the festival. I also saw them at FIB two or three years ago and it was pretty sick.

A band you would most like to support and why?

Palma Violets for the reasons above. They look like some guys you could easily party with after the gig.

A band that you would like to work with?

I’d love to work with The Strokes. I love each one of their albums and I think it would be really fun.

Top five albums you’ve ever heard?

The Wall, by Pink Floyd
The Will To Death, John Frusciante
Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Phrazes for the Young, Julian Casablancas
Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan

Biggest accomplishment as a band/solo artist?

Well, I recently got signed by a little lovely record label here in Barcelona to release my first LP on October 13th. I’m looking forward to that and I can’t believe the trust they are putting on me.

What’s next in the pipeline?

Well, I’m releasing my first album, “Requiem for Myself”, on October 13th (deja vu). Then I have a bunch of gigs: October 16th on a cool record store here in Barcelona – Ultra Local Records. Then I go to Madrid on the 23rd and Barcelona again on 30th.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer the questions Weinf and all the best to your next projects!

Please follow Weinf on Facebook and support where you can!


Also you can listen to his new single now in the link below!




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