Totd – 24/09/15 – Smells like most iconic song



This is is just a quick thought, but nonetheless a thought.

After learning that Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was crowned most iconic song of all time by some boffin at the University of London, It couldn’t be helped to think of other songs that could rival it.

The Doctor who carried out this research only used songs that featured on several all-time best lists, so of course some of our beloved favourites may not have even made it in there. For instance, ‘Fools Gold’ would be a valid contender, as it has that Worldwide popularity to it and continues to be used in the current times. David Bowie’s ‘Heros’ would also be a shout, once again having that popularity and that stand alone sound.

What gives ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ it’s extra star power is the timing of its release, it came when guitar music with that energy was petering out, everything was bland and Nirvana completely shook it up on a Worldwide scale.

Of course this is all subjective to the music you like, but ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is a pretty good choice. It has enough grit and raw energy so headbangers can lose themselves to it, yet, it has this undeniably catchy melody that could be traced through several pop songs. Also the riff has this ridiculous simplicity to it, so even if you’re just learning guitar you could probably smash a version out, which adds even more to the songs appeal. Personally the song is possibly one of the best that I will ever hear no matter what, but each to their own, would love to hear your thoughts!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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