New music now! Trowler – ‘Get so Far’


On the quest to find the best new music, we have now stumbled upon another act which will catch your ears and refuse to let them go, Trowler.

With their debut EP ‘All The Truman Girls’ being released on 17th October as part of this years Cassette Store Day, they have teased us with one of the tracks and it drips of magic.

The track is subtly psycadelic with its hints of drowziness scattered around it, but it mainly comes across as a clean jangle-pop gem. The song is completely stripped back, with the emphasis being put on the vocals while the synth lingers in the background. The guitar is similar to something Swim Deep would be caught doing, but the track itself has a place of its own.

If this song is anything to go on for the EP, then I’m sure it will be a huge step forward for them.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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