Watch: Frog eyes – ‘Joe with the Jam’




Music videos aren’t just a chance for the singer to strip off and dance around. They are a way of presenting  the music visually, and Frog Eyes have encapsulated that perfectly.

‘Joe with the Jam’ is alternative song to say the least, and if it had to be pigeonholed, it would have to be put under the experimental category. The song shows shades of Bowie and The Velvet Underground, yet the song isn’t completely out there that it would alienate the casual listener.

The video is separate animal. Alone this would easily turn heads and get people talking, but with the music it has new life. The time and effort behind this video is easily shown, as each frame has been carefully illustrated to create a masterful piece of work.

Frog Eyes have shown how instrumental a video can be to compliment a song, and hopefully we can look forward to more of this from this clearly talented act.

Words by Alex Wisr @al4563



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