Listen: Foggy city orphan – ‘Binary’


As the sun continues to burn through your window, Words For Music is here with another new song for music lovers to listen to.

Scottish guitar band Foggy City Orphan seem to have a lot of potential, and with songs like ‘Binary’ it’s hard to argue with the band.

The song is relatively slow paced at the start which provides an anticipating build for the blowout at the end. Throughout the song, the vocals stay relatively calm and slow as they as the compliment the pace. However when the song loses its cool the vocals don’t,and they provide a good contrast similar to what Ian Curtis used to do on several occasions. The band have a really approachable sound that wouldn’t really alienate any listeners, which is always plus.

The band have only recently just started out, it’s good to know they’re facing the right way and they can continue to make good music.




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