Wfm introducing…False Advertising



As the quest goes on to find new and innovative music another discovery has been made by finding Manchester fuzz band False Advertising.

Apart from having one of the best band names that has ever been created, they actually have some quality material to keep you sticking around. After playing their first gig only a month ago the band have already released two mouth watering track from their upcoming album.

Their songs have enough qualities that separate them from a lot of other bands around now, yet they have a certain communality to them so they don’t alienate their listeners.

The band take influences from The Pixies and Yuck which comes across in their music however, it’s not so obvious that it sounds like a complete rip off.

With the band looking to make their first album after playing one gig, it seems the band have their sights set on picking up their momentum quickly and getting people interested fast. With songs like this and being placed in such a musical City like Manchester the band should have no problem picking up fans, which can only mean good news for the band.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on these guys,already cannot get their track out my head.

Words By Alex @al4563


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