Dawn Gazers – At Starlight

So after featuring in ‘WFM Introducing…’ Dawn Gazers have their debut EP out for everyone to sink their teeth into. The band have been successful in their previous releases prior to this,however the EP is always the big one which a lot of bands fall short on, so let’s see how they got on.

‘It’s always been you’ opens up the EP in great style, although it starts slow with the vocalist singing about how “it’s always been you”, the ending is fierce and blistering as it burst through with a nice little solo. ‘Dance’ follows the opener and is an excellent feel-good track. The fast pace and energy gives the EP some diversity and something for people to go wild to, and the guitar work has a lot to do with it.

The band have certain lo-fi qualities with the underproduced vocals which give an honest sound to them.This is showcased throughout the EP from top track to track, which is refreshing to hear as it the band have clearly stuck to their guns with this one.

‘Killer Whale’ is without doubt the catchiest on the EP with it having some real communal moments, especially when they sing the “da’s”, you cannot hold yourself back for too,long before you’re singing along with them.

The band really show off their hazy sound with ‘Casette’ as the band pull out all the stops. It’s comparable with what Tiger Trap used to create,as they often had similar vocals and a really hazy atmosphere surrounding their songs which is exactly what Dawn Gazers did here. However at the end of the song they once again created havoc with an explosive ending to keep the song in your head.

The ending unfortunately has to come with ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ which leaves you wanting more form the three piece, as it doesn’t feel like the end. Although the song isn’t the best that features on the EP it still has enough to keep you from forgetting it.

The EP is a huge step forward for the band as they show everything they have to offer, while leaving you wondering what they could do next. The EP is a long one as it accumulates to 7 songs,which makes me wonder if they should have split them and got two EP’s out of it which they could’ve released relatively close to each other keeping people interested. However I’m sure the band have something up their sleeves for their next release, and won’t leave people waiting too long!


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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