The Cribs – ‘For All My Sisters’ Review



After a three-year long wait The Cribs have finally shown their hand with their sixth album ‘For All My Sisters’, and after five sterling albums surely they’re not capable of creating another one that deserves all of our attention.

Well they have, the Wakefield trio have once again created an album that will be a healthy addition to their catalogue, as it showcases everything that makes the band so special and different to any other outfit.

The album achieves the right balance of punk, lo-fi attitude with caring and delicate approach to songwriting. The band have always had a punky edge, however they always combine with writing about issues that are personal to them, and this album is no different. Their lyrics have always connected with the lost and the lonely and this record will do just that, as Ryan and Gary have honed their songwriting craft to envious heights. Songs like ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Burning For No one’ are more than enough to fill this feeling,however you have a whole bunch to choose from on the record.

The lyrics wouldn’t survive alone, as they yearn for a ridiculously catchy riff, and that’s where one of the best guitarists of the modern era comes in. Ryan Jarman’s riffs seem to go hand in glove with lyrics, as they fill all the spots that the vocals can’t fill. It seems impossible to not have a catchy song when Ryan is on the track, purely because he’s perfected the technical skill of writing hook laden riffs that appeal to everyone. These riffs are closely followed by Gary’s equally catchy “ooooos” which could easily have an album on their own, and still attract an audience.

‘Summer of Chances’, ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Different Angle’ all boast outrageously memorably chorus’, which leads me to believe that the band could easily hold a class for bands who are struggling to write them. The chorus’ aren’t just words thrown together that sound good, the guys take good care of their chorus’ which is on show in every song.

The album has no filler songs, as it is meat (or shall I say quorn) all the way through. This makes for one of the best albums the band has ever produced due to its unrelenting consistency throughout, and manageability to constantly astound the listener.

Now I say this makes for one of the best albums, not the best album because for me you will never beat early Cribs records. However in this ever changing list of mine,based on which one I have been listening to or pining for, I can easily see ‘For All My Sisters’ being second to their unbeatable debut album ‘The Cribs’ a number of times.

Yes, this could easily be seen as a biased review because of me being a huge fan that struggles to find anything wrong in anything they do. However, having this knowledge and their back-catalogue engrained into my memory, it gives me the ability to compare it to everything they have ever done and be critical about it. But I can honestly write that the album is the best so far this year, and will definitely be considered as the best at the end of the year.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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