The August Septembers – ‘Transistions’ EP Review



imageEPs are an excellent way to inteoduce new people to your band as you’re able to showcase your sound throughout it, however sometimes it doesn’t always go that way because bands struggle to find their sound. Fortunately this wasn’t a problem for The August Septembers on Transitions because they already had their mellow yet melodic sound pinned down to the ground, and could order it to do whatever they wanted.

‘Paint the Future’ is a good opener for a band like this, as they showcase the ever present soft vocals, along with slow build and simple effective riff. They create this atmospheric sound which provides a perfect platform for the vocals to go over, complimenting each other ever so well.

The band proved they weren’t scared to try anything as they open simply with two vocals on the second track ‘The Lovers Parade’. This is similar to something The XX do, as they have a female and male vocalist combining to create a unique balance for the song. Although its not the most memorable song on the EP, it is definitely a brave step from the three piece.

‘Hours’ and ‘RPM’ are great songs that occupy the middle of the EP, and they really give it depth as you hear the band crank up the pressure and turn up the volume by executing the synth perfectly to create some wonderful sounds.

‘Joy and Misery’ ends the EP and the song follows suit, as it once again showcases their vocal ability, as well as their composing ability. They use some interesting elements in the song, such as the catchy clap, which is utilised perfectly, as it fits in with what the band are creating without sounding too cheesy.

Although the EP may not create moments where you want to jump up and down and scream to the heavens, it gives you some other moments where you sit and appreciate what they’ve created. The EP won’t be breaking any doors down, however it’s a step in the  right direction for the band as they created an EP showing what they can do to perfection.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563




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