Grawl!x – ‘Good Grief’ Review



Six piece bands are few and far between however, when you get a band like Grawlix brought to your attention they tend to stick out like a saw thumb.

Their debut album ‘Good Grief’ shows all the signs of a mature band that are capable of creating some truly magnificent music, which could find a place to play in most people’s days. Their sound is one that isn’t normally covered by this website,but due to the compelling songwriting there had to be an exception.

‘Butterflies’ opens up the album and gently lets you in to the tender sound you will become familiar with throughout the album. The instrumental is that good, there is simply no need for vocals.

However when the vocals hit in songs like ‘I don’t know what to tell you’ and ‘Run Forever’,the whole musical experience is heightened. ‘I don’t know what to tell you’ is a candidate for best on the album due to its larger than life feel, and composure of the entire song.

The band seem to entwine the music and vocals perfectly,as they compliment each other so well with ease. This can be heard in ‘Copse’ as they bounce off each other, especially with the reverb that is prominent throuout.

The album continues to drift on and showcase some complex songwriting and instrumentals.

As soon as the final song ‘Bumps’ hit you are already won over because of the magical moments the album produces, yet the final song continues to add.

Understandably this may not be to everybodys taste due to the soft mellow sound and delicate vocals,however Im sure this would wind down anybody who needs to be. Its clear the band had a certain vision for this album, and they executed it perfectly as everything seems to be in its place, due to the time and effort that has evidently been put in. Hopefully th band will continue to build on this and move on to create even more intense music that everyone can appreciate,I’m sure they will.

Words by @al4563


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