The Hazel Empire release ‘Clouds’ and ‘Colours’


Talented trio ‘The Hazel Empire’ has finally kicked off their year by releasing two brand new songs entitled ‘Clouds’ and ‘Colours’,which go above and beyond their expectations.

Both tracks showcase the wonderful vocals that they have at their disposal,and when they’re combined with their elegant sound there’s not a lot that can go wrong.

The piano that features in ‘Clouds’ is good enough to stand as a song on its own, but when it’s combined with the vocals it manages to heighten the entire feel of the song giving depth and meaning. Also the harmonies do not tarnish the song as they compliment the lead vocals to a tee,something which is hard to nail down for young performers.

These songs simply go to show the good work that The Hazel Empire are capable of producing, and without doubt if they continue to develop their sound and grow as vocalists, they’re onto something exquisite.

Words by Alex



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