The Hudares – ‘Bohemian Book’ REVIEW



‘Bohemian Book’ is the new EP from Sheffield four-piece, The Hudares . The band concentrate on making catchy riffs and melodies to excite listeners, and this Ep shows off these qualities well.

‘Valencia’ opens the EP up and starts it off well by setting the tone and feel which every intro track should do. Also the opener should get the listener hooked and keep them interested,which it does. The simple drum beat and guitar riff gets your attention and manages to hold it throughout the whole song.

The Hudares continue with the tone of the album with ‘Bohemian Book’ as it follows the very popular formula of catchy riff =catchy song. The reverb doused guitar makes the song sound large than life, which shows how well the song has been produced.

The best song on the EP had to be the closing one ‘Broken Autumn’ as it has some really catchy one-liners which just show off good song writing.  It has an imposing introduction and it forces its way in and grabs you by the ears. The song is incredibly well composed and has some great guitar work embedded within it,which should be commended.

The EP shows how dedicated the band are to creating music as they showcase all their talents across this EP. Next on the list for the band should be a full album and test their strengths at creating 10 ear catching songs.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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