Zulu Pearls – Singles Deluxe (Masters) Review




Coming across a band like Zulu Pearls makes discovering music worthwhile, as you can be searching for over an hour finding nothing,and then you finally hit something, Zulu Pearls being that something.

Their ‘Singles Deluxe’ is a perfect piece of work and is an ideal introduction to the band if you have never heard of them before. ‘Safe Things’ opens it up and it does an exceptional job as its slow pace lulls you in and gets you wanting more just after the first second, the guitar has a seductive pace with a slick riff.

The EP generates this feel throughout, as they continue to push their sound onto you,knowing you will like it.

‘Lightweight’ is an exception as it picks up the pace, and with the laid back vocals, the likeable arrogance just pores out of it, similarly to watch The Strokes are capable of.

‘Get Free’ is another stand out song that features and regardless to its minimal instrumentals it still manages to tie you in as the vocals are enough to keep you hanging. However when the song kicks in it ties together well, and once again shows how talented the band are.

Personally its one of the best EPs I’ve heard so far this year, and although it’s still early on I’m pretty sure it will be there towards the end.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563




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