Lazyeyes – ‘New Year’ EP


Lazyeyes ‘New Year’ EP is a perfect way for the band to kick off the year, as it builds their momentum up for the start of the year and prepares everyone to get ready for whatever they do next.

The EP has a balanced mix of fast and slow paced songs, all coated with dreamy riffs so juicy it will leave you in state of awe of the guitarist. ‘Darling Dear’ opens up the EP and sets the tone with excellent guitar work which gives the song energy,and when it is mixed with a hazy glow it makes the song stand out.

The vocals are exquisite throughout as they compliment the music well, it feels like the final piece to jigsaw which ties up all the musical elements together. This is best shown in ‘Islip’ which has a huge sound that would easily fill out a large crowd,and with some more inspirational guitar work it once again makes the song stand alone.’New Year’ slows the EP up, however the song is no less inviting as it still remains dreamy even at its slowest points.

Lazyeyes can be very proud of what they have produced at the start of what looks like a bright year for the band, as they have shown off every interesting aspect of the band in this EP. The only thing now is that the band have to follow it up,but with the this calibre of work,surely they cannot be panicking.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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