Oh Boy! – ‘Ep#2’ Review



Today is the day of the release of Oh Boy’s! second EP, cleverly titled EP#2 to halt any confusion with their first EP EP#1 which you can read the review of here.

EP#2 sees the band establish their sound and deliver even more grunge pop riffs that will have their admirers become even thirstier for live shows and possibly a debut album.  Much like their first EP it contains three songs which could be considered a little light, but when the songs are this impressive it doesn’t really matter.

It begins up with ‘God, look after the quiet kid’ which is a worthy opener as it immediately throws you in at the deep end with the bands heavy sound, screeching vocals and their edgy feel. Although It could be considered slightly too heavy for some, their pop riffs should be able to bring you back on their side.

Straight after that riot you have ‘Fashion Reaction’, which is without doubt the best track on the EP. The songs catchy hook line “Fashion Reaction” should have everyone singing at some point, regardless to how much you may dislike the music. The song also boasts this eccentric breakdown, where the song seems to stop so the guitar can have this fit of a solo which stands them apart from most up and coming bands.

One of the most impressive parts to most of the songs is the lead guitar embedded underneath the chords, as it keeps the song interesting and different to your average chord bashing song. Somehow this manages to give the tracks increased depth and a quality that will have you continuously going back to it.

The final track ‘Drown’ has a great contrast due to the heavy and blaring guitars being put next to some soft female vocals. The song seems to have the same qualities that Tiger trap had, as they also had this courageous sound backed by indulgent vocals, which is a huge compliment.

The EP is triumph as the band has once again successfully created an EP worth listening to over and over again with only three songs. It seems that they have found a style they want to persist with, which should make every release feel comfortable, effortless and enjoyable. Next the band have a tour in November which sees them playing a number of venues including a house party. If you want my personal advice, find the one nearest to you and attend!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563

21st October – The Old blue Lost, London

8th November – The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes

15th November – Jacky P’s House Party, Birmingham

19th November – The Zombie Hut, Corby

9th December – The Sociol, London


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