The Rooz – ‘Public Hearts’ EP Review


As we continue to deliver unbiased reviews on Unsigned and Independent music we bring you Shropshire band The Rooz, a young talented bunch who play under the tree of Rock ‘n’Roll.

Their new EP ‘Public Hearts’ fuses together good old fashioned Rock ‘n’Roll with modernistic vocals, which works ridiculously well. The EP kicks off with ‘Melt the Butter’ which booted off the EP with a bang as you have this catchy fuzzy guitar riff combined a tempo that would Usain bolt panicking. This is what The Kooks would have sounded like on their first album if they decided to have more edge, as the vocals have a certain Luke Pritchard twang to them.

The pace and the madness come to a halt for the second song entitled ‘The Eye’ as they slow the pace down and try to calm it all. The band show their versatility with the song as they show they’re just as effective when they take it down a notch, in fact they sound even better. The song is blessed with a talented solo which gives the song some extra value as it keeps you hanging in there and listening. Sometimes long songs have a tendency to become boring and tired however the band avoid this with some extreme vocal work from Louis Coupe keeping it interesting and admirable.

The EP ends on a high note with ‘Martyr of Me’, the band pick the pace straight back up with the organs bringing an old fashioned warming background to the track only to be contrasted with a mighty riff on the guitar. This has to be the best track on the EP as it’s persistently enjoyable the entire way through, and we have the entire band to thank for that as it seems they worked incredibly hard on this track regarding how busy it is. The vocals once again stand out as they bring something different to the track and set apart their music from a lot of other bands.

The Rooz have done a fine job with this EP as they have managed to take an older style of music and give it a modernistic twist, making it feel fresh and relevant. Hopefully the band will follows this EP up with some more strong releases and continue to build their fan base.


Words By Alex Wise @al4563


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