The Persian Leaps – ‘Drive Drive Delay’ Review


‘Drive Drive Delay’ is the second EP from noise makers The Persian Leaps, which manages to cover all bases over the five songs. The three piece come out with some haunting noises which is put together with some tactful song writing, and it’s those components which make the EP desirable.

‘Fire Starter’ unfortunately isn’t a cover of the Prodigy, however you cannot be to upset as it brings a strong opening to the EP with a blistering solo and ripping guitar. ‘Pretty Boy’ follows the opening song and manages to trump it purely because of how catchy it is. The song seems to have some Oasis qualities to it as the guitar is reminiscent of the sounds that the older and wiser Gallagher used to have on his guitar.

The EP is just a complete noise fest at times as the band tend to delve in deep to a heavy sound at times, this is no more truer than in ‘(Goodbye to) South Carolina’ as the guitar continues to drive the song. ‘Truth = Consequences’ is the best song on the EP hands down as it delivers at all fronts, the guitar is balanced well with the vocals and has some nice little riffs embedded within it.

The final song is a is a chunky five minute one that has some interesting guitar spots as the lead guitarist has clearly been told to just rip it as much as he can. ‘Permission’ makes sure that you will not forget The Persian Leaps in a hurry as it continues to rip your ears to shreds, in a good way.

Drive Drive Delay is another good EP from the up and coming three-piece, and with more releases like this they will continue to get noticed. The band seem to have a sound of their own and creating EP’s like this will only help them grow.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563




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