JAWS – ‘Be Slowly’ Review




Ever since JAWS burst on the scene with their debut EP ‘Milkshake’ they have had a fair amount of people have been keeping a close eye on them, and their debut album ‘Be Slowly’ shows exactly why those people were right to keep an eye on them.

The album boasts a number of memorable dream pop songs as well as some faster paced numbers which will without doubt have people getting excited for their future projects. The opening song ‘Time’ is a slow introduction into the album and shows the bands best qualities as it slowly dispatches some melting rhythm and catchy vocals. ‘Cameron’ follows suit as it has a memorable chorus along with a dreamy rhythm, making you believe it would be a big hit live.

‘Gold’ screeches into action as it one of their more fast paced songs making it increasingly striking for the listeners. Although the band are known for their slow paced songs that lull you into a dream World, their faster songs are perhaps better, as they have energy bursting out of the seams and the drummer turns into a drumming machine with his flawless beats.

The second half of the album is equally as good as the first, as it still has quality songs around along with a couple of well-known ones, which always keeps the listeners entertained as they wait for their favourite track to come on.

The title track ‘Be Slowly’ is a contender for best on the album, as it has this upbeat pace and reminiscent of The Cure’s ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’. Although the boys pick up the pace they keep those dreamy roots as the guitar just lingers around in the background and the vocals fall into your ear.

At times their tracks are like a cool breeze with the slick riffs they manage to play out, and this is ever present in ‘Think too much, feel too little’ as it has that Foals ‘My Number’ quality which not many songs have.

‘Filth’ and ‘Sunset State’ serve as good filler songs as they don’t drop below par but unfortunately they don’t hit the dizzying heights that ‘Gold’, ‘Be slowly’ and ‘Think too much, Feel too Little’ manage to hit.

Even the most anti-Jaws fans would struggle to deny that ‘Surround You’ is a devastatingly good song, as soon as the first note hits from that memorable intro the song has already half won you over. For as long as JAWS continue to go on ‘Surround You’ will persistently be one of their best songs that will tag along to each of their set lists. ‘NYE’ is a fitting ending to the album as it tops it all off with what they do best, a slow dream –pop song with a ridiculously good solo.

The album is an excellent debut for the Birmingham band as it showcases everything that they’re capable of and more. It also shows that they have found their sound and are happy with it, which they should be because it often takes a band a few attempts to find their ideal sound. This album will win a lot of people over as they have taken a giant first step into what should be a long career in making music.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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