Reading Festival Review: Friday!


Reading Festival has unfortunately come to an end; however it didn’t leave without giving some memorable music moments that some people won’t forget. For me it was my first time, and every aspect of the experience shocked me, from the toilets to the masses that turned up to see relatively small bands.

So after slightly recovering from the Festival I have managed string a few paragraphs together to give you an insight to what the weekend was like, which acts stick in the mind and how it was for a first time festival goer.

After warming up on Thursday with some beers, brandy and some laughs I was geared up for the first day of the festival to grab me by the throat and show me what I’ve been missing by never attending a festival.

The first tent to get explored was the lock-up stage where I saw Muncie Girls and Misty Miller, both of whom were a pleasant surprise as they both played out a really good set. Misty Miller especially stood out with her wide vocal range and her clever lyrics that seem to keep everyone on the edge to hear what was coming next. So the first band to check out is definitely Misty Miller,search it!

Thanks NME for the Picture.
Thanks NME for the Picture.

After the warm up I was ready to see one of the acts that I was most excited about, Drenge! After seeing them support The Cribs and listening to their impressive debut album the bar was high, and the boys jumped straight over it. Regardless of how far back I was the boys still managed to create that violent environment and energy they always seem to get. Their attire made the event even more so entertaining as they both came out wearing dresses, and played the set to a tee.

Eagulls were next up on my list, and after hearing their impressive debut album, much like Drenge the bar was high. The crowd were important for this one as they gave everything to each song, making each song feel like a spectacle. Although they put on a strong show I’m still not won over by them, hopefully they will continue to grow on me as I listen to them.


Then there was a lively double header in the Festival Republic stage with The Orwells and Catfish and the Bottlemen taking the stage. The Orwells put on an energetic show that left the security guards and some of the organisers pissed off, as frontman Mario Cuomo climbed the light set up and jumped in the crowd for a larger period of time. However Catfish and The Bottlemen trumped them as they bowled me over with the entire set, and the passion that came from Van Mcann and the rest of the band. Playing favourites like ‘Kathleen’ and ‘Fallout’  they won over the crowd, and it was as if the band couldn’t believe the reaction they got which was baffling because they were special and earned some new fans to their ever growing army.

Warpaint followed, unfortunately by this time I was still in shock over how good CATB were so a lot of the set was to me talking about them. However Warpaint still put on a great performance with their atmospheric songs, however because I’m not a massive warpaint fan and I know little of their songs I definitely didn’t get the full feeling of the band.


Paramore was an act I wasn’t really looking forward to, due to me not knowing a lot of the songs and not really liking the stuff that I had heard, yet for the millionth time that day I was won over. Hayley Williams put on a show, demonstrating why she is such a good frontwoman. Unfortunately the set was littered with sound problems which took a lot away from the set because they lost time and more importantly they lost the attention of the audience. The acoustic version of ‘The Only Exception’ won some of the crowd back, but the damage was already done as the sound was never as loud as it should have been.

Due to the sound problems, I opted out of watching Queens of the Stone Age and wondered into the Radio 1 tent to watch The Courteeners. Although I had seen the band before they were still exciting,as they played through a jam packed set full of  indie classics like ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ and ‘Cavorting’. Yet the crowd around me were as dead as a dodo as not one of them made dance or jig which took away from the occasion, none the less they put on a good show.

That was my First Day at Reading Festival, be sure to check back tomorrow to read about the second!

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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