Chvrches – ‘The Bones of what you Believe’ (2013)

CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe



‘The Bones of what you Believe’ was the debut album from Chvurches and was the best start to a music portfolio any band could really ask for, as it was completely faultless. The Scottish band released the album in September 2013 after a rigorous 2 year recording of the album, which ultimately paid off in the end. The record is crammed with synth-pop genius as it boasts songs like ‘Mother we Share’, ‘Gun’  and ‘Recover’ (I could name the entire album), which was refreshing to hear as synth pop has taken a bit of a hit as every seems to follow other trends, and Chvurches made this genre not only relevant but increasingly important.

Even though some of the songs may share some of the similar conventions that mainstream pop music has, there’s something embedded within their songs they make them stand completely apart from everybody else. When listening to one of their songs you can hear the thought that has gone behind the song as they’ve refused to churn any old idea.

When the album opens up with a song like ‘The Mother We Share’, the pressure is built up because of the magnitude of the song and the thought that anything proceeding it may not stand up to it, but the rest of the album lives up to the hype that the first song brings. ‘We Sink’ and ‘Gun’ are worthy followers as they could make the most hardcore coach potato get up and jig.

‘Tether’ slows the pace down slightly but the album doesn’t lose the grip of your attention which a lot of credit must go to the lead vocals of Lauren Mayberry as she could hold your attention with her vocals alone. Her performance through the album is incredible as not one note is dropped or botched, and her vocals have this angelic coat over them that never disappear.

With some records, the back half can sometimes let you down and drop your attention, but this just keeps you there. ‘Recover’, ‘Lungs’ and ‘By the Throat’ are enough to keep anyone interested. They keep every song fresh and refuse to rely on the easy way out as they pushed their creative boundaries as far as they could go with this album.

Personally it was definitely a contender for record of the year in 2013, and is probably still one of the best this deep into 2014. The album received much critical acclaim and rightly so, as it was a spotless record. Of course their next release will be constantly compared to this one, but with the talent thy showed in this record, it’s hard to see the band slipping and creating a bum album.


Words By Alex Wise


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