The Hertz Complex – ‘A New Habit’ Review


After starting out in late 2012, The Hertz Complex have been working their creative minds off to create good music that can express what they want, and finally they have an EP that can show this. The South East London band have wasted little time to release their EP, as they have only been together for a year and a bit, which is excellent timing due to how stressful and time consuming creating an EP can be.

The Hertz Complex debut EP ‘A New Habit’ expresses everything that is stated in the bio of their Facebook page, lo-fi fuzzed-up guitar riffs and hypnotic melodies to create shimmering post punk masterpieces.

Sticking to their remit and what they set out to do has stood them in good stead for this EP, as shows this clear idea of what the band wanted and that they knew how to approach it.

‘No Control’ is the opening track, and with a buzzy riff and deep vocals it automatically gives it that lo-fi feel. The track sticks to that the whole way through, keeping the pace slow and the lyrics interesting.

This is not a common feature through the EP as ‘Bassy’ is the complete the opposite as it’s loud and in your face, and with the distorted vocals it brings certain eeriness to the track.

The single of the EP ‘Maybe I know’ is the second best track on the album, however it lacks a certain punch that a single needs to have. Although it has catchy parts and riffs, there’s not the single quality there, yet it still has some interesting parts with a strong chorus and that larger than life sound/

I’d make a case for  the last track on the album ‘The Boxer rebellion’ to be the single of this EP as it has that edge that was missing the previous songs, as the singers shouts “And She Calls”. As well as the rawness of it, you have a guitar riff that just sits nicely behind the vocals as they complement each other impeccably well.

Overall the EP is a good start for the band as they have expressed what they’re about. However there are some tweaks to be made before they really define their sound and make it their own. I could imagine that each of these songs would go down a storm live because of that lo-fi feel, so experiencing the EP live would perhaps be the best way to get more from the EP.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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