Interview with Bromheads! Discussing their new EP and ‘Kerosene’ Video



WFM: Hello Guys!

Bromheads: Hello!

WFM: First things first what are your top 5 albums and why?

Bromheads:5 isn’t enough!?!???!??

Off the top of my head but defo not a crystal clear top five of all time would be; and in not particular order

The stooges

Led Zep 1

Rage against the machine

In utero Nirvana

Paranoid Black Sabbath

Surfa rosa

Ace of Spades Motörhead

I’m sure I could do much better than that if I spent ages thinking about it and I know that’s 6 but I’m saving up for a Harley and Motörhead makes a lot of sense at the moment…..

WFM: Haha I like how that has taken effect on your top 5!   Finally before we officially start the interview, who isyour musical Icon and why?

Bromheads: Don’t have a single icon, or an icon for that matter but I do admire and respect a lot of the people in the above bands. Most of them changed the world through music and or created genres. I’m very jealous that we’ll never be able to do that, hats off to them.

WFM: So your new EP ‘Kerosene’ will be released in July, only which is the newest release after your debut album ‘Choro’. Is the EP totally different animal, or is the EP the leftovers from ‘Choro’?

Bromheads: No they were all new songs. The last album was written and recorded in a week. We spent a lot more time working on these. It was fun to be different. I think the tone of these songs is lot darker and more sinister. I was inspired by a lot of horrible things happening in the world. Bit depressing sorry

WFM:  Please don’t apologize, I often find the best things come from the darkest places.  Choro’ was a very good album, but I always find that EP’s and B-sides just have that something special. Maybe it’s because the band tend to let go a bit more because they have less riding on it, did you find you did that on this EP?

Bromheads: I guess in a way we’ve done the opposite! The idea of the EP was to give us more time to concentrate on a smaller amount of songs to make better ones. That combined with being able to do more releases with a shorter waiting period in between.

WFM: Yeah I can see that now, I feel stupid haha! I’ve seen the video for ‘Kerosene’ and it looks insane, did you have fun filming it? Because I think I would’ve feared for my life.

Bromheads: At one point I thought I was going to catch fire. I then said to myself ‘stop being a ponce and get back and sing in that mic’ it was so hot I thought my hair was singed. Then my lips got burnt as they touched the microphone it was so hot. At that point I realised I wasn’t being wet.

WFM: Haha, I think I would have pulled out in the fear of becoming a burning man. Due to there only being two of you in the band, do you find it easier to create material because of the less input, or do you find it harder to come up with ideas?

Bromheads: It’s better. Decision making takes hardly any time in comparison to the 3 piece that we were. That’s why we stayed just the two.

WFM:  Yeah, I suppose you can focus a lot easier and stick to one idea with only two! There’s often a mixed reaction to two-piece acts due to people arguing that there’s purely not enough behind the songs. I don’t agree with that because I feel that two-pieces give off the same, if not more, energy than four piece acts. Do you feel you have to give off that energy to compensate for the numbers in the band?

Bromheads: We’ve always given off a lot of energy when we play live so that’s not really been an issue. Making the sound as big as it is on record is the main challenge. We’ve a few gadgets we use on stage and people seem to think it’s a pretty big sound. Size not volume is the key. But volume is obviously what makes it fun when you’re punk rock

WFM: Yeah I suppose it is! I never realized that the problems would occur on the record. Now you have had two big releases in a short space of time, will this be it for a while, or can we expect even more new material?

Bromheads: Hopefully another EP before the end of the year

WFM:  Will be a really busy year then for the band I suppose! I’ve seen you have recently added Tramlines to your list of gigs, will there be any more added as the weeks go on, or will that be the final one added?

Bromheads: Might be one in Manchester but it’s not confirmed yet.

WFM: Cool, well I will be looking to get down to see you guys, good luck with the new EP, not that you’ll need it!


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