REVIEW: HAUS – ‘Ceasefire’


One of the perks of being a music website is that you get sent all of this amazing music daily, however some just stand out more than  others, which is what HAUS ‘Ceasefire’ does.

The band from London has been honing their sound for a while now, but their last few releases have really stepped it up and ‘Ceasefire’ shows this.

The band seem to take influences from a few outfits, most notably Bombay Bicycle Club, however they use this and make it into something different and fresh as they give it a larger background.

When listening to the song you get this full sound that seems to surround you, which gives the inclination that it would be a crowd pleaser in any venue. The good thing about this song is that it is only a demo, so you can expect it to sound bigger and better when it’s mastered, which is scary because it’s already at a high standard!


Words by Alex Wise @al456


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