We’re No Heroes – ‘Shiver’ EP Review



We’re No Heroes are a little indie outfit from Cardiff, well I say little, they have a heft following over Facebook as they’ve accumulated over 3,000 likes. The three piece have been together for a while, however it’s their new EP ‘Shiver’ that has grabbed our attention as its riddle with slick riffs and colourful lyrics. After being released on 10th May the EP has received good feedback from music fans around the globe, and this review is to concur with those people.

The sleek number that opens the EP up is called ‘Wild Life’, and with its infectious and continuing riff that plasters itself throughout the song it’s difficult to find anything to dislike about it. The song has this funky rhythm which could be connected to The 1975 and their popular song like ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Girls’.

This type of music that sticks, as it’s not just boring chords being dragged out, it’s a riff and it manages to keep the songs interesting and catchy.

‘Give into Love’ takes the same formula but shakes it up, as it’s slightly heavier, and has a slightly darker tone. However the clever use of lead throughout the song once again and makes it increasingly desirable. ‘Dark Dive’ is the highlight of the album as it screams summer from top to bottom, and could easily be heard blasting out of cars on a sunny day.

After three luscious songs that drip with taste, the band don’t let up and deliver ‘Maya’ which ends the album perfectly begins it slows the pace slowly and gives you a song to continue to dance along with.

The album very much follows the style that some bands are trying to adapt to now as the craze has slightly changed. However ‘Shiver’ WILL set them apart from everyone else as they manage to showcase it across three songs and show no weak spots at all.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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