Music Review: Joe Booley – ‘Snapshot’


Joe Booley is an acoustic act hailing from Bordon, a small town in East Hampshire. After being a part of a number of Punk/Rock bands around his area, Joe has decided to step out of the comfort that comes from being in a band and go solo. It’s a weird step for someone who has been part of punk bands, as acoustic music is much tamer; however Joe demonstrates his versatility of his styles in his debut EP ‘Snapshot’.

The EP has this calming feel throughout out, which stems from the warm and powerful vocals that Joe provides, which is combined with simple strumming patterns within the songs.

‘With You’ is a perfect tone to set the EP, as it starts with just singing alone without anything to back up his voice. It’s a brave move to sing completely bare at the start of the EP, but Joe pulls it off with his admirable vocals and thought provoking lyrics. ‘Snapshot’ very much follows suit, as it takes the same tempo from the first song, and keeps you interested.

At this point of the EP, you’re perhaps looking for something slightly different to change the pace, Joe recognises this and lays ‘Can’t you See’ on us. The song is a soft melody with thought out lyrics around love and loss. The echoing of the vocals is a nice touch, and fits the song perfectly. ‘Betterman’ is perhaps the one that could be considered the most pop-like, as it has a subtle beat behind it, unfortunately this doesn’t live up to what Joe has done previously on the EP, but it’s still diverse thing to do. ‘Fight and Struggle’ is a nice ending to the EP, as the piano supports Joe’s vocals superbly, and although it’s a dark topic surrounding the song, it’s a fitting way to end the EP.

The EP is a perfect example of how acoustic songs can still be interesting and appreciative, in this day and age when you can get a million different sounds from a number of pedals, sometimes it can’t beat a strum of an acoustic guitar.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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