Wozniak – ‘Pikes Peak’ EP Review


Wozniak are a four piece band hailing from glorious Edinburgh in Scotland, it may not be glorious to others but I have always wanted to go. Pikes Peak is the new EP from the band, which takes influences from a number of places creating a special piece of work.

It’s easy for bands to adhere to the normal and play it safe with their music, so it stands more of a chance with a wider audience. Wozniak stuck to their guns with this EP as it seems they had a clear idea of what they wanted the EP to be, and the followed through with it.

‘El Maresme’ is the first track on the EP, and is gripping without being in your face and grabbing you around the throat. The song is an atmospheric which dips into dark places from time to time. Although there are no vocals to cling on to and familiarise yourself with, the song does enough as it has this huge presence when you delve into the high 80’s on your laptop speaker. ‘Paper Hat’ is the best song on the EP without doubt, with its infectious riff, thundering drums and the comforting simplicity the song grabs your attention and keeps hold of it.

The EP does this throughout as each song has a similar formula which works, and the changing of elements for each of them is refreshing. The songs have this hazy outside and only become increasingly blurred the further you go in, but it’s brilliant.

‘Kreuzberg’ would serve well as a hefty soundtrack and is a nice pit stop for the EP. ‘Columbus Car’ picks up the whole EP again as it introduces a  wondrous fuzz that surrounds you, and none use of lyrics adds to the dread the song has. ‘Gasamtkunstwerk’ ends the whole EP on a high with heavy distortion which brings a weird atmosphere to wherever you may be.

The EP is an excellent piece of work that the band can be proud of, as it seems the band carried out and created everything they set out to, which is a testament to their hard work. If you like what you have read and would be interested in purchasing the album, please do by going on http://wozniak.bandcamp.com/album/pikes-peak .


Word by Alex Wise @al4563





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