Single Review: The Clocktower – You’re So Wonderful


Wolverhampton indie band, The Clocktower, are up to their old tricks with their new release ‘You’re So Wonderful’, as it is filled with lots of blissful indie guitar and catchy vocals.

The band have always had a knack of writing a tune that is capable of sticking in the mind, which is evident of their debut album ‘The Day’s of Rosey Row’, however this song shows extensive maturity with the band being that bit older, and shows in this song.

The song is reminiscent of The View’s early stuff, with it having a catchy melody at the core of it, which is dressed with cheeky lyrics and uplifting guitars. This should take nothing away from the band or the song, as they don’t sound like a carbon copy of the Scottish indie band.

The song has a Spring/Summer feel surrounding it, which explains why the song has been released in May, giving people time to get it on their Ipods (or whatever devices they use) and ready to play in the back garden with a few cans.

It’s a great release from the band, one which is very promising for their next project and show’s no signs of them slipping up.

Words By Alex Wise @al4563


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