Music Review: Towns – ‘Get By’

Photo By Lily Cook


Get by is the new album released by big-time shoegazers Towns, and there feel for the genre and ability to deliver it something rather special. Shoegaze bands seem to be coming let right and centre, however, only a few are worth listening to for the duration, and Towns are one of the bands to enjoy and embrace.

Get By is full off all the conventions that come with the shoegaze genre, the hazy guitars, the far out vocals and the and generally making you want to do a light headbang.

‘Get me there’ is the first track to appear on the album and it immediately dives into what the band is about without fear, it’s a complete sound which could be easily linked to TOY. ‘Marbles’ is somewhat similar as it makes another attempt to break your speakers, as their guitars blare out from each corner. ‘Trip Over’ and ‘Gone are the days’ follow suit, and thicken the hazy fog that has emerged around you.

Towns were clever with the album, as they knew what they strengths were and how to utilise them, and it shows throughout the album as they stick to a rewarding formula by taking pop like songs and honeying them with a daze.

‘Too Tired’ personifies tiredness as it just lingers beyond the background and creates a comforting noise.  ‘Young at heart’ is fun and youthful throughout especially with the continuing “ooooooo’s”, it’s difficult not to sing along.

The song of the album must go to ‘Everyone’s Out’ as it brings back essences from the 70’s, it hints at what Bolan would have done if had grabbed hold of the Shoegaze genre, as it is a complete scuzz fest. ‘Get By’ ends the album off, and does it well as the mellow finish is a fitting ending for a chaotic album.

Towns have shown that they’re capable of releasing a strong record filled with imposing songs, so eyes will be on them to see if they can provide the same next time. Some may quibble about the album and argue it’s too similar throughout, but this should not be the case as it’s an impressive album.


Words by Alex Wise @al456


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