Music Review: Broken Records – Weights and Pulleys



For those of you who don’t know, Broken Records are an exquisite Five-piece from Scotland and they have been going for just over Seven years. They take many of their influences from acoustic like Dylan, Cohen, Cash and Cave, however their music takes what best of the acoustic style and transform into something modern yet unique.

Their third album Weights and Pully’s is a perfect example of how these old acoustic folk acts can influence a modern day band and help them create their music. Broken Records have storytelling and melodies at the core of the song, much like folk does, however they glaze it with synths and power giving the album that modern age that it needs, so it can survive in this day and age.

‘Ditty (We weren’t ready)’ is an ideal opener for the album, as it gives nothing away, and just drops tiny hints of what’s to come. ‘Winterless Son’ is where they come into their own, having a tinge of stadium rock about the song, it leaves them with connections to the Killers, which shouldn’t be a bad thing. ‘Toska’ is third on the album, and is a thoughtful number as the lead singer seems to share a story with us, giving the song more weight, making it an ideal single.

There are a lot of atmospherics surrounding the songs, which allows them to be connected to U2 in some respects; however they stray away from that with their subjects and folky tang.

‘Weights and Pully’s’ has a case to be the song on the album as it just gets more impressive the longer it goes on, the vocals are untouchable and it the all the elements seem to gel without trying. It’s ‘Betrayal’ that takes the song of the album as the ruckus and the drum beat completely elevate the album another level, as it expresses an attitude that wasn’t there in the first few songs.

The vocals provided by Sutherland are increasing important, as his voice rides the melody and hoists the instruments, this is shown throughout but best demonstrated on ‘Nothing Doubtful’ and ‘You’ll be lonely in a little while’

The album is a complete success as there aren’t any weak spots; all the songs are strong and admirable in their own way. Broken Records managed to take their loud-folk style and make it last for an entire album without it drying out, which is impressive on its own, but for each song to stand tall is impressive. The band can be happy with this release, with it definitely drawing in more fans and building up expectation for their next release.






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