WFM Introducing…The Band of Holy Joy


Photo by Inga Tillere
Photo by Inga Tillere


Another new band that has been picked by WFM from large amounts of bands that scour the internet, we give you The Band of Holy Joy. The London band consist of six talented people who are: Johny Brown (vocals); Mark Beazley (bass); James Stephen Finn (guitar); William Lewington (drums); Peter Smith (keyboard/saxophone); Inga Tillere (visuals). The Band of Holy Joy have an array of talents, one of those is having the ability to create good music, which they have proved over the course of their new album ‘Easy Listening’, which you can download here >

The band claim that they are forever changing, consistently unique yet, always somehow the same which is a tough line to live up to, however the band have managed to do this over the course of all their albums, by changing slightly, being unique and consistently performing on a high level.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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