WFM Introducing…Tales in Space


Tales in Space are one of those talented musical projects, not only because there music is interesting and catchy, but because there are only two in the band. Some people may not see the significance of this, in which case we shall explain. Only having two in the project means overall there is more work to be completed, as you have to take on a lot of instruments just to complete a couple of songs, making them undeniably talented – automatic respect.

The Australian duo’s music takes the best of indie pop, as the majority is dull, meaningless and painful. Their music takes catchy riffs you’d hear from two door cinema club and entwine it with a number of elements including drums and alien sounds created with a computer-interesting. There’s not many unsigned projects like this, as it’s normally full bands taking on this music, however they manage to pull it off and sound better than most bands.

Their debut album ‘Formula’ will be released June 6th and is available for pre-order here.

If you want out more about the band, visit their Facebook below.


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