Interview: Wild Smiles, talk about their new song, and what’s to come!


WFM: Hello guys, before we start would just like to say that we’re big fans of your style, nice to hear something like this again!

Thanks, that means a lot. When you share things you’ve worked on in can be daunting cause you have no idea how people will react!


WFM: Before we start the interview, what are your top 3 albums and why?

I can’t speak for the other two as we all have different tastes but for me.

Nirvana – Nevermind. It’s probably the only album that i always go back and love. I really remember my friend from school playing me Teen Spirit and from then i knew i wanted to play guitar.

Beach Boys – Pet Sounds. An album that with each listen you find something new. What they managed to achieve on that album is amazing – amazing singers and great musicians!

Elliot Smith – XO – Its my favourite moment at this point in time, again amazing songwriting. Chords, melodies and lyrics are on another level!


WFM: Right now we can start! So how did Wild Smiles start out?


Wild Smiles started as a recording project. I had just come out of a band and i fancied giving singing ago so i wrote some songs for fun. I then wanted to make it more of a band so i had to look for people. Joe is my brother so he was easy to find but finding a drummer was difficult where we are from. I was walking home from the station and there was a guy trying to get drum students and asked him if he had anyone who would be interested and he said that Ben was a great drummer – which he is, so yeah thats how it ended up us 3!


WFM: Cool, I know how hard a drummer can be to find, it’s a huge relief when you find one! Would you say that you’re happy with your debut release and the response it received, or is there an aspect you would have liked to change?

I wouldn’t wanna change it – in this band i’ve tried not to over think anything. We recorded the record in my kitchen and we did the whole album over a month and i’m really proud of it!


WFM: The best albums come out of a weird place, like a Kitchen! As this is your debut single, how did you find the recording process? Did you feel like it was long process or did you find it quite easy?

Fool For You was the first song we finished for the album and i remember that one being actually quite different from the original demo to where it is now. Some songs were done in one or two takes and others would take days to figure out what to do with it.


WFM: On the topic of recording, who would you guys love to record with?


If we had to go record with someone – i think Steve Albini would be great. Other than that we are pretty happy recording at home for now.


WFM: Huge fan of his, what he did with the latest Cribs record was special!  ‘Fool For You’ is a very scuzzy song dressed with pop sensibilities, is this something that we can expect from you future releases?

Yeah i would say so, some songs are a bit heavier/darker and some are slower but essentially simple pop songs with heavier guitar.


WFM: Who would you say your influences have been for this song?

I’m not sure – the song was written original on acoustic guitar but i think we liked the idea of a really fast in your face song so thats how it ended up that way!


WFM: What can we expect after this release, a mini UK tour or will you be looking to get even more material out there?

After Fool For You we will have another single out pretty soon. We are going to be gigging quite a bit for the whole year (fingers crossed)


WFM: Final question, most embarrassing thing you have experienced as a band? (Optional)

I personally haven’t had anything but Joe forgot to plug in his bass for a whole show and non of us realised until the end so i guess that wins!


WFM: Wow! Well at least you know if he can’t make a gig, you could probably still get away with playing it! Thanks for taking part guys!

Thanks for having us guys!!




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