Single Review: The Vincent(s) – ‘The Throne Song’/’Fever Dreams’


Cork band The Vincent(s) have released a double a-side single, and the first few times you listen to it, you won’t really know what to make of it.

They are a cross between Pearl Jam and what the Horrors sound like now. And that is no bad thing. “The Throne Song” is a hauntingly beautiful song, with melodic guitars and eerie high-hats in the background. It’s Goth pop at it’s best and wouldn’t sound out of place in a scene from World War Z.

“Fever Dreams” keeps up the Goth pop theme, is slightly faster paced and has pounding drums. The vocals are screechy, but that is most defiantly a complement. The accompanying guitars sound out of tune, but this is what makes the song good, and that little bit different to what’s going around at the minute.

The Vincent(s) are most defiantly a band to look out for, the psych/Goth/Indie pop is something that is for those with an acquired taste. This is a band for fans of the Horrors newer stuff, and it won’t be long until these Irish lads are hitting the big time.

Words By Emma Lawrence




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