Unsigned: Miles Page- ‘White Space Conflict’ EP


Being in a band can be bloody hard work. Artistic differences and overinflated egos can sometimes ruin the delicate fung shui required to make sweet, sweet music. But a musician from Birmingham decided to take away the bullshit and start his own band- all by himself.

White Space Conflict (which was officially released last April 1st) is Miles Page’s solo project and brain child of the past year or so. What makes this album totally unique is that Page provides all the vocals, instruments and computerised sounds you hear on the EP.

A genre which he describes as, ‘conservatory blues beat’, the whole sound of the album is very chilled and a little bit moody. Exploring themes from prostitution to interpersonal relationships, the lyrics paint compelling and romanticised ideas which reflects Miles own opinions and experiences. The vocals contrast yet compliment the uncomfortable and often erie sounds present on the album.

Before releasing the whole EP, Miles had been teasing his Facebook and twitter followers with previews to tracks and earlier in March he announced his first single, The Social Worker. A song about mental health and challenging relationships, the songs is probably one of Miles most personal and compelling. Computerised vocals and reversed guitars modernise what would otherwise be a very classic throwback to earlier blues and alternative rock.

Speaking to him in his studio, he explains to me the writing process, “I started writing and mucking about with sounds and ideas for the album nearly a year ago I guess. I’d come up here (to the studio) where I have no internet access and limited phone signal, and I wrote. I mucked about with sounds and tried things out. The things I talk about are ideas or experiences I’ve had or people I’ve know. The album has changed a lot, it’s had a fair few coats of paint but now it’s there and I’m really pleased.”

My personal favourite track on White Space Conflict is a track called ‘YAYAN’ also known as ‘Not As Young As Yesterday’. Probably the most upbeat track on the whole EP, it has an ambient, roots-grove sound to it and Miles tells me the sound was inspired by John Butler, one of his all time favourite musicians.


White Space Conflict is now available on Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon. Click the link below to hear the tracks now.



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