Album Review: Dream Lake – ‘Dream Lake’



Dream Lake is the debut album from, well Dream Lake, and it’s as soft and silky as it sounds, with every noise that flows out of it seems like it has come directly from above.

A short but effective intro is an ideal start for the album, as it just expresses what will be unveiled in the coming songs, just pure bliss. ‘I See the Sky’ is the song that follows, and if the melodies weren’t beautiful enough alone, there’s saintly voice to sweeten the deal, and make the song that bit more desirable.

The songs on the surface feel very bare and non-complex, but it’s the simplicity of everything which allow the vocals to be effective by letting them take lead, like a guitar or a drum would in a solo.

‘In my head’ is short but memorable as the lyrics “In My Head” just seem to get entrapped in your head, sorry for the pun. ‘Try’ is somewhat more complex with the introduction of a guitar and a heavier drum beat, however this takes nothing away from the vocals that are difficult not to mention, it all just seems to mesh so well together.

Each song seems to have been carefully thought through and worked on, as they seem to perfect and polished to be rushed. It’s nice to see a band do this for their debut Ep/Ablum, as they’re often rushed pieces of work, so they can just get something credible released.

‘Fired Up!’ is full to the brim of jangly guitars and heavenly vocals, which is much to what you expect after the previous songs, but nevertheless it’s spot on. ‘In the Lights’ brings a close to it all, with the piano solo to open it up, the vocals burst through like a sharp sun on a Sunday morning. It’s the best on the album the lyrics just seems stick, and with the dual vocals in places, it brings more depth.

It is a satisfying piece of work from the newcomers, as they have laid out their stall by showing everyone what they have go to offer as a band. Some may pick up on the point that the songs sound slightly repetitive and predictable, but to those people you should say, shut up and enjoy this well worked album.

Listen to the whole album here.

Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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