EP Review: Atom Heart – ‘Sleep Patterns’


After their success with their single ‘Atom Heart’, Go Native have released their debut EP Sleep Patterns, which is a promising piece of work.

Other than having rather an amusing name, ‘Beaten by Butterflies’ is an ideal opener for this EP, and for Go Native. They show their electronic roots by having a haunting riff at the start, mixed with some spaced out vocals and prominent drums.

The vocals are a key theme throughout the EP, as it is those that takes the songs and polished them up every time they grace the track. The second song, ‘Sleep Patterns’, is reminiscent of the drug-addled 80’s, but with a fresh finish and a 20th century gloss over it as explained previously the songs a much more polished, which was never a real thing in the 80’s.

Go Native are increasingly confident with what they do, as they stick with this set out style throughout the EP, which is a brave move as this type of music seems to be slowly decreasing from my email inbox. ‘Napoleon’ has lyrics that are so well worked and descriptive, that it is hard not to paint a picture in your head, and with the music to set the scene, it will take place in space.

‘Atom Heart’ has already featured on this website, but it would be rude not to give it another mention, as it is possibly the stand out song on the EP, as every element seems to be going full throttle, as ‘It’s not yours to take’ is being repeated over and over again.

‘Dunes’ has some impressive guitar work entwined in it, and along with the other instruments, it seems to take the song out there, somewhere. Unfortunately this gets the accolade for the worst song on the EP, as something just doesn’t sit well when listening to it.

The glamorous name ‘Electric Chair’ could win an award for most depressing song name, simply because of the only connotation that comes with it. However the song doesn’t follow this thought, as it seems somewhat inspiring and uplifting, due to the synths and the upbeat drums.

The EP has a number of songs and moments that the band can be undoubtedly proud of, as they seem to outgrow themselves in parts due to how big the songs are. This is also a good campaign for good song production, as it shows that independent bands can sound just as big and polished as some of the mainstream acts out there, which is encouraging to see. Maybe not one for the people who have their ears tuned to guitar bands, however if you are open and willing to listen, it is one to listen too.


Words by Alex Wise @al4563



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