WFM Introducing…Ease Springs


Due to our reliable and trusty sources on our social media sites, we have found a band that should be brought to everybody’s attention, and be taken note of!

Ease Springs are a three piece band from Essex, who was formed back in glory days of indie rock music of 2004. Since then the band have been bouncing around the UK picking up a respectable fan base, and building up their social media sites as they seem to be booming.

However all of their potential was realised when they released their debut album ‘Who Is Leonard Bopper?’,  which has received positive feedback as it has been played on a number of radio stations including, 365 Radio and Birmingham City Radio.

With a wide range of influences scoping from Fleetwood Mac to Slipknot, it is a wonder how their music would turn out. The answer is that it turned out just perfect, finding the right balance between aggression and melody to write some interesting yet upbeat songs. The lyrics are an important element to each of the songs on ‘Who is Leonard Bopper?’, as they tie up the melody and make disclose some interesting stories, seemingly about this mysterious fella.

You can purchase this strong debut album over at Itunes >

The band will be playing May 16th at the Asylum in Chelmsford, which should be a date in most people’s diaries.


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