Loredo – ‘Trawl’ EP Review



Trawl is the new EP from the North London five-piece Lordeo. The EP is an important one for the band as it is their debut, which as most know, is an important building block for any band.

The album starts off with ‘Habit’, which has a contrast of vocals with male vocals being well supported my female vocals, as they add this high pitched harmonies. The song carries a sing-a-long vibe with it as it seems to sway from to side, and you could picture the waving of arms in your head.

With a strong start the EP is carried along with ‘Trawl’, which is a twice as heavy as the opener, as the guitar seems to have distortion streaming out of it in the chorus. Once again that sing-a-long quality is there, as the chorus could easily be stuck in your head, along with the hook “Trawl Trawl, Trawl through it all”. The song takes a classic structure with each of the verse, chorus and breakdown seem to be in place, along with the big send off at the end. This takes nothing away from the song, as it’ done relatively well.

That sing-a-long quality is a constant theme throughout the EP as the words seem to bounce around with ease as they roll off the tongue. ‘Zany’ is the next track that is presented to us, and is arguably the best song on the album, as the pace and delivery of the song is contagious. As well as this the guitar part in the end wraps up the song relatively well as it gives this vast ending.

‘Walked out on a Wire’ wraps the album up, and after the energy from ‘Zany’ it leaves wanting that again, as the slow and steady start to the song gently drops you in. But often with these songs, patience is the key.  The sign off for the EP is a big, as the volume and drive is brought up a few notches. The vocals help the cause with their constant repeat of “Stick me on your mantel piece ,like all your ex-lovers gives you a release” .

The EP is a strong start for most bands, as this well produced piece of music could match most. However it’s the lack of something unique and distinct that will stop the EP from breaking any boundaries, which is a difficult task to do for anyone.  


Words by Alex Wise @al456


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