REVIEW: The Moons – Heart and Soul


Heart and Soul is the new release from The Moons, and with its loud chorus and even louder guitars, is ready to make a point for the band and where they should be.

The song is a clear nod to Bowie and Bolan, with the glam rock looks shimmering all over it. However the song comes across in a classy way, as refuses to be a tacky rip off and stands very much as its own song.

Crofts’ vocals are loud and commanding, which perfectly suit the mysterious style the song seems to carry. The song is doused in vibes from the 70’s when Glam-Rock was arguably at its highest point, The Moons stick very close to genres conventions, and execute them well.

One of the key elements which make this song stand alone is the production of it, as it seems it could be played on a radio station and not feel amateur. Everything in it was worked well on, as it comes across that no stone was unturned when developing the track.

The track will feature on their upcoming, and this will be a key song that plays an instrumental part on the success of the album. Hopefully the album will turn even more people’s heads, as The Moons should be considered as a bigger band.




Words by Alex Wise @al4563


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